LabGuy's World: The History of Video Tape Recorders before Betamax and VHS

JVC GC-4800U Two tube hand held color portapack camera 1976Sony AVC-3400 Hand held B/W vidicon portapack camera 1970Sony AV-5000A EIAJ BW / Color (pilot tone) Videocorder 1971Magnavox Chroma Vue 550 Single tube hand held color cameraAmpex VR-3000 backpack quadruplex VTR 1970

Find out where that VCR in your living room came from. Read about video hardware that has been extinct a very long time. At LabGuy's World, you can tour the virtual museum, flip through the catalog of extinct video recorders and cameras, browse the time line of video recording history, figure out how to hook up that gnarly antique you just bought at a yard sale AND much, much more!

  • [MUSEUM OF EXTINCT VIDEO RECORDERS] My personal collection of extinct video tape recorders.
  • [MUSEUM OF EXTINCT VIDEO CAMERAS] My personal collection of extinct video cameras.
  • [EXTINCT VIDEO DOCUMENTATION AND ARTICLES] Centralized technical research information.
  • [CATALOG OF EXTINCT VIDEO EQUIPMENT] A list of extinct non-broadcast video equipment.
  • [PEOPLE IN VTR HISTORY] Every video product has a human behind it. Meet some of them.
  • [FAQ's - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS] You have the questions, Labguy has the answers!
  • [SERVICE MANUALS FOR SALE] As well as User Manuals and Advertising Flyers!
  • [LABGUY'S ELECTRONICS AND VIDEO PROJECTS] The pro-active side of my hobby.
  • [YOU TUBE: VIDEOLABGUY CHANNEL] NEW! Various aspects of extinct video products and projects.
  • [EXTINCT VIDEO EQUIPMENT AND RELATED LINKS] Labguy's favorite spots on the internet.
  • [PERSONAL CONTACT INFO AND SITE CREDITS] Includes the contributor's list.
  • [WHAT'S NEW AT LABGUY'S WORLD?] News and information about site updates and acquisitions.

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