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Magnetic Tape Restoration Information and Companies:

      If you are looking to get an old video tape transferred to a modern format, these are some of the companies that can help. Over 90% of video tape that is older than 10 years is most probably not immediately playable. These companies and individuals have developed specialized processes for restoring sticky shedding tape to playable condition. Their engineers then digitally process the recovered recordings and transfer them to almost any format you desire, including DVD. Trust me when I tell you, restoring your own tape is hit and miss. You are more likely to destroy the tape or your irreplacable VTR than to recover it. That is why these companies have come into existence. Very rotten tape can break precious video heads or burn out the main motor of old VTRs! Be warned!

      Also listed, are some links to information web sites that explain proper tape storage and handling, how tape actually degrades and breaks down, and how to restore the tape to a playable condition.

     NOTE: If you have a magnetic tape restoration service and wish it to be listed here, drop me a line. Now, In no particular order..."

Greatbear Audio & Video Digitising Greatbear is a specialist audio and video digitising and conservation studio, working to preserve valuable recordings and archives. We are based in Bristol, UK and work internationally. We have the expertise and technology to restore, replay and transfer almost all formats of audio and video tape. We have collected and restored a studio-full of vintage video equipment for high-quality transfer of magnetic video tape from all eras, including old and rare video formats. Our website also has many lovingly-photographed machines and tapes.
IMMURE RECORDS Welcome to Immure Records. We are a premier audio and video transfer service company located in Blaine, MN. We specialize in audio/video restoration, audio/video preservation, audio forensic examination, post-production audio mastering and vocal recording. Along with these services we also provide CD and DVD duplication with full color inserts and disc printing with no minimum order. You will never pay a set-up fee on any of our services. You should never have to pay for these unnecessary fees.
DC VIDEO DC Video is an industry leader in providing high quality videotape transfer and video remastering services to media content owners and producers throughout the world. Whether your videotape is obsolete, rare, 2”, ¼”, commercial or consumer grade or even all of the above(!) DC Video can provide the media solutions you seek.
AVTRANSFERS AvTransfers is a UK Studio offering Video, Cine Film and Audio transfer services to the U.K and Europe.They have a wide variety of current , professional and vintage video systems to transfer your vintage video formats to DVD or Online Formats. Please visit our site for a comprehensive list of services and formats on offer.
SPECS BROTHERS Video & Audio Tape Restoration. Experience: 250,000 Tapes Strong! Providing Disaster Planning and Recovery and Tape Preservation Services.
BAVC Bay Area Video Coalition The Bay Area Video Coalition is the nation's largest noncommercial media arts center dedicated to providing access to media, education, and technology.
MSE Media Solutions New and Used Video Tape Sales and Restoration Services. They may also purchase your video tape.
If I knew your were coming, I'd have baked a tape! A Recipe for Tape Restoration. By Eddie Ciletti. Very detailed explanations with a lot of photos. Mr. Ciletti provides detailed plans for a do it yourself tape baking system. Recommended for the highly ambitious!
National Technical Alliance Magnetic Tape Storage and Handling. A guide for Libraries and Archives.  Avoid a major crisis in advance! By Dr. John W.C. Van Bogart, National Media Laboratory, June 1995.
Foto Search Stock Footage and Video Clips Foto Search Stock Photography and Stock Footage allows users to search from more than 11 million images and 150,000 video clips from 140 quality publishers at one site. Top footage vendors available include Artbeats, Corbis, Creatas Footage, Digital Hotcakes, Getty, Film Disc, National Geographic, Reel House, and many, many more.
Rick Thomas Rick Thomas is a specialist in dubbing Sony AV-5000  and AV-5000A tapes. He has several decks and claims hundreds of hours of dubs for satisfied customers. Drop him a line! Here's a picture of one of his completed customised [AV-5000's].

Video Equipment Repair Resources:

DRS Ahead Technologies: - Supplying Magnetic Head Solutions Around the Globe. AheadTek is committed to strengthening its reputation as the preferred supplier of specialty magnetic heads fulfilling the needs of thousands of customers worldwide in the television broadcast, video production, computer and data storage industries. (This company is able to offer rebuild services for many types of video tape heads and head assemblies. Note that three is no guarantee they can help you with parts that are TOO old. But, they do rebuild quadruplex head assemblies, Type C and miniDV heads for certain. It can never hurt to ask.)

Terry's Rubber Rollers & Wheels: - Do you have a Reel to Reel tape recorder sitting in the back of a closet, or stashed away, because the pinch roller or idler wheel is dried out, hard, cracked or ruined from improper chemical cleaning? This IS the solution!

Vintage Video Equipment and Program Collections and Services:

Melbourne Video Productions - "Web video that works!" We love video and can't wait to share our passion with you and your business. This link takes you to their sub page of Video Terms and Definitions. Melbourne Video Productions Home Page

Rewind Museum - A museum of vintage consumer electronics and milestone achievements. A site primarily about consumer electronics and in particular first achievements and so it has a somewhat wider topical range than video and TV.

Quadruplex Park - "Where the Broadcast Dinosaurs Live!" Tim Stoffel documents the Quadruplex VTR's that were manufactured by Ampex and RCA. He also has the most information available about obsolete video tape formats.

Chuck Pharis Video  -  Absolutely the best collection of vintage television production equipment on the web! A massive site. Be prepared to spend some time browsing!

Mikey's Home Page  -  Michael Bennet's page of European consumer VCR's and 405 line TV stuff. A nicely designed and highly whimsical home page to boot!

Total Rewind Virtual Museum  -  of Home Video! Documents the arrival of the home VCR in Britain.

Passions Incongrues - This is the latest site to join the growing legions of collectors of things that make video! Authored by my good friend, Bruno Merlier! Check out his latest acquisition, a super rare Sony CV-5100P PAL VTR! Fully operational too!!!

Vintage Sound & Vision - A new video equipment collector's site by Frank T. A very nice collection of European gear.

BBC VT - A Record - A visual history of video tape operations at the BBC. A wonderful site operated by Chris Booth.

Cartrivision: A unique way of looking at things - A web page by my friend, Luke Perry.

High Tech Hobbies and Collectible Electronics - Another video collector, Bruce Rogers, struts his stuff for your amazement! This is a work in progress, so be sure to check back frequently. Let Bruce know that you found his page through LabGuy's World Links and that we can't wait for his next update!

Kee's Computer Home: Studio 2: - Kee has many nice old tape recorders. An Elcassette deck, an 8track recorder and many VTRs and VCRs!

Phantom Productions  - By Chris and Martin Theopholis. This site has a great vintage recorder section including the Roberts 1000.

De Historie Van De Video! - (in Dutch) Great web site with a couple of things that even LabGuy didn't know about! Great job, Martijn!

Hier leben die mumien! - Videoformate längst vergangener Jahre haben bei uns eine Heimat gefunden. In German. (Obviously!) Klaus G. Carsten's tribute page to extinct VTR's, which translates to, "The mummies live here!". Good coverage of the topic plus a few good pictures.

Electronics Repair Links  -  Just the resource for those of you who are attempting to repair your collectable artifacts!

The Video History Project - The Experimental Television Center’s Video History Project is an on-going research initiative which documents video art and community television, as it evolved in rural and urban New York State, and across the US. Begun in 1994, the Project has several initiatives including research, conferences and the web site.

Privates Loewe-Opta Radiomuseum - A German site devoted to the products of Loewe-Opta (Lion Optical), a large manufacture of radios and televisions which I also feature in my video catalog. Tell Hans, "LabGuy sent me"!

Radiolaguy - This site is dedicated to providing a service to those interested in the preservation and collecting of vintage Radios, Television and related items. He also has a very nice vintage radio museum.

The Restelli Collection; - The Early History of Television Through Visual Images! The Personal Photographs of Television Pioneer, Dr. Vladimir Kosma Zworykin and More!

The Original Electronic Imaging System - Forty years of British Independent television celebrated in Amsterdam. By John Henshall

The PAL Site - The home of the PAL video system by Alan Barnett and Martin Evans. Covering the history of Betamax, V2000 and Umatic formats.

Dave's Vintage Televisions - Dave Bertinot's excellent collection of vintage television receivers.

Memorial sites:

Joseph Roizen: - Here is a memorial to a man I never met, only knew by rumor, but whom I have come to respect for his contributions to video state of the art at both Ampex and IVC.

Vacuum Tube Links:

Vacuum Tube Collectors Association:  -  The center of the universe as far as this hobby is concerned. If you collect "vacuum tubes", "glow bottles", or other "nothing state devices", then this is the organization for you!

Sphere Research: - Welcome To The Sphere Research Canadian Test Equipment Site! Vacuum tubes, vacuum tube links and useful information.

Discussion Groups:

Groups dot eye oh: Old VTR's - This group was created (12/2000) and moderated by Matt Patoray as a result of Labguy's World site, which was only a few megabytes in size at the time! Join us and let's all talk about those old rotary head boat anchors that we all love (hate?) so much. We can share all the information, documentation and web sites that we know about too.

Television, Radio & Recording History Web Sites:

Terramedia U.K. - An excellent site covering the historical time line of audio/visual media history by David Fisher.

Broadcast Archive - RCA Equipment Section - An incredible archive of RCA video cameras and recorders. A must visit for the serious researcher!

King of the Road! - Kris Trexler is an auto enthusiast with an intense passion for the road. His interests range from chrome laden 50's cruisers to the latest high technology transportation of the 21st Century. Cruise on down the highway to learn more about these wonderful machines as well as learn about early color TV broadcasting in the 1950's and 60's! (Kris is the editor of my favorite TV show! ~L.G.)

RCA Color Television Cameras - A new page added to the previously mentioned site. Check this out, it is FANTASTIC!!!

Pavek Museum of Broadcasting - houses one of the world's finest collections of antique radio, television, and broadcast equipment. The Pavek has gained international recognition for its continuing efforts in preserving and documenting the history of an industry that has made monumental changes in the fabric of modern life.

Video Disk History Sites:

The Dawn of TV - The oldest video recordings recovered! Learn about the amazing restoration of several old, recently discovered Baird Phonovision Records, that had been lost for 80 years!

CED Magic - The story of the RCA Capacitive Video Disk. AKA: The RCA SelectaVision Video Disc System. This system worked with a mechanical stylus that was actually in physical contact with a recording disk, just like the audio phonograph!

Educational Resources:

Television Production Course! - By Ron Whittaker, Ph.D. "A Comprehensive Cybertext" Covering Studio and field production.

Television and Recording Related Orginizations:

AES - The Audio Engineering Society, now in its fifth decade, is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology.

ANSI - The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has served in its capacity as administrator and coordinator of the United States private sector voluntary standardization system for more than 80 years.

ATSC - The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) is an international organization of  200 members that is establishing voluntary technical standards for advanced television systems.

Guild of Television Camera Men - The Guild of Television Cameramen (GTC) is a professional body whose object is to ensure and preserve the professional status of the Television Cameraman and to establish, uphold and advance the standards of qualification and competence of the Television Cameraman.

IEC - The International Electromechanical Commission is the international standards and conformity assessment body for all fields of electrotechnology.

IEEE - Technical objectives center on advancing the theory and practice of electrical, electronics, and computer engineering and science.

ISO - International Standards Organization - Standards are documented agreements containing technical specifications or other precise criteria to be used consistently as rules, guidelines, or definitions of characteristics, to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose.

ITS - The Association of Imaging Technology and Sound.

NAB - The National Association of Broadcasters. They have the BEST convention in Las Vegas each year (usually) in April.

NABA - North American Broadcasters Association.

SBE - Society of Broadcast Engineers.

SMPTE - The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. LabGuy is a member. Why aren't you?

"Strictly Commercial" Video Sites:

Battery Mart - A source of replacement batteries for all things electric. Especially old portapacks!

Ampex Home Page  - Ampex is a leading supplier of high-capacity, high performance digital storage systems capable of functioning in demanding environments on land, at sea or in the air. In addition to offering a line of state-of-the-art products, Ampex works closely with its customers to provide solutions to complex data capture requirements that may involve major modifications to an existing product or development of an entirely new product or technology.

Prime Image, Inc. - The industry leader in video time management. Prime Image originally manufactured TBCs and Frame Synchronizers.

Harry Poster Vintage TVs and Antique Radios  - We Buy, Sell and Prop 20th Century Industrial and Machine Age Electronics. For the Collector, Museum, Prop and Set Designer. Plus Stereoscopic 3D Cameras and Accessories. - Dedicated to restoring old Tektronix Computers and Displays.

All kinds of Technology Information sites:

The Blue Screen / Chroma Key Page  -  There had to be one. Here it is!

NTSC Video Signal Basics  -  You gotta know your tools before you really know what you're doing.

How A VCR Works  -  The inner workings of the VCR, as presented by Marshall Brain, who has one of the most interesting sites on the Web. This page really gets into taking a VHS VCR to pieces and examining exactly how it works.

How Stuff Works  -  is a great place to come to learn about how things work in the world around you. The source page of the previous link.

Amateur Radio, SSTV, ATV & Hobby Links:

W6SVA ATV repeater, San Jose, CA. - ATV for the San Jose, south San Francisco bay area. Located atop Mt. Loma Prieta at 3800+ feet, it covers the entire region from San Francisco in the north to Montery and Santa Cruz. (This repeater experienced a call sign change in January 2020. Formerly know as K6BEN.)


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