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Suday - April 10, 2016

       Added a new project today. [5FPn CRT Tester] project. Obtained three tubes. 5FP5, 5FP7A and 5FP25. Had to make these old 1940s display tubes light up, focus and scan. Just to see the pretty colors of the various flourescent phosphors. Each optimized for a particular purpose. Enjoy!

Saturday - February 13, 2016

       Updated part 2 of the [color mechanical TV] project. The new high powered color LEDs are working extremely well. Visit the article and scroll down for the latest images. Enjoy!


       "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." ~George Orwell~

If you think Socialism is a good thing, you know nothing about socialism

       America. So BAD people climb over, tunnel under or bribe their way through, our 15 foot tall walls to get into it. Just a thought after reading this morning's news headlines. What we scientists refer to as stark contrast. And virtually all of these people are fleeing.... you guessed it, Socialist Countries! The goal of Socialism is [ALWAYS Communism] and Communism KILLS! By the millions!

       Don't let the root word "social" fool you. Karl Marx declared, "Call everything the opposite of what it is. The people are that stupid." This revelation should open your eyes. Socialism is anything but social. Your school teachers, and their communist labor union controllers, are/were ALL socialists. They lied to your from day one. You should be horribly offended at the way they raped your mind. Don't believe me? Name one conservative, or non-union, teacher still working in an American public school. Name the last time you learned how GOOD America is. No hurry. I'll wait. Picking up on the lack of balance in your education yet?

       Who was [Karl Marx]? I rest my case!

       The proof of America's demise will be this site being suspended for posting this truth. Check back often. If the site stays up, there might be real hope. Not our current Dicatator's false brand of hope. At this time, I still expect to die in a death camp. Bullet to the back of my brain box while kneeling on the edge of a mass grave. Like SO MANY before me. About 300,000,000 since WWII, not counting [Hitler's amateur tyrrany that killed ONLY 6 million people]. I will NEVER comply! I will not go silently. WWIII approaches.

       Labguy. OK, so your are passionate. What the Heck does this have to do with Extinct Video Equipment?

       Glad you asked! The collapse of the old Soviet Union was predicated by the wide spread availability of VCRs and FAX machines that allowed, for the first time in their history, communication of POSITIVE ideas into previously unreachable regions of the world. Ask anyone from Romania about their first contact with a VCR. They loved Chuck Norris over there! The soviet union loved Frank Zappa (count the statues of him in so many Russian town squares), our own American dissident who DID NOT end up in a prison camp for his contriversial views. VTRs, cell phones and faxes spread freedom and liberty. Imagine that!

       God Bless YOU. God Bless America.

Saturday - February 6, 2016

       Best wishes to you and yours in 2016.

       Another year has passed. This year, I hope to get my image orthicon camera operational and to begin or complete my [color flying spot scanner] project. The latter being several sub projects that will be combined together to form the entire system. There will be smaller projects too. Some more work on [color mechanical TV], my [amateur television (KJ6RNL) station], [cathode ray tubes] and more clever video circuits.

       As a person prone to episodes of low grade chronic depression, my projects operate in a start-stop mode. The struggles with the old camera taxed me and I have become frustrated with it. It is a project that will be completed as I owe this to my dear friend, John Turner at [Turner Engineering] for his selfless help in shipping the camera to me safely from the east coast. If you need professional services, facilities and equipment for your professional and industrial television production needs, Turner is your only choice.

       When I resume the IO camera restoration, hopefully soon, I must address a suspected instrumentation issue. I measured excessive current drain and have been stymied by this. I am unable to find a single thing to cause this condition. Then I started to think about the 8 dollar Chinese digital 100 amp ammeter I purchased on line. It never occured to me that it could be inaccurate. Did I mention the 8 dollars? You do get what you pay for.

       The color flying spot scanner will consist of a premade commercial professional Telemation sync generator unit, a premade commercial professional Telemation NTSC encoder. Along with this is the "projector unit" which will contain the scanning CRT and support circuits. The optical unit will have a holder for 35mm slides, dichroic mirrors and three photomuliplier tubes with power supplies and preamps. This is essentially four partly separate projects.

       Also waiting in the wings is a return to my 32 line NBTV mechanical television set. I have some more LEDs, diffusers and circuit ideas to test. My newest acquaintence, [James Hawes], has been discussing many good ideas with me via the new fangled electrical mail system. How many mechanical TVs use trichroic prisms to combine the red, green and blue light sources in color mode?

       Can you believe it? The [Tiny Triniscope ] turns two years old next month! How time flies!

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