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Wednesday - February 25, 2015

       I finally created a page devoted to the electrostatic scan amplifier for my cathode ray tube projects. Got the 300 volt deflection amplifiers working very well now. I also installed a miniaturized high voltage DC-DC conveter to eliminate the old vacuum tube power supply. Read all about it on the [Electrostatic Scan Amplifier] project page.

       Tested the following cathode ray tubes with the new electrostatic scanning amplifier so far: 2BP1, 2BP11, 3RP1A, 3JP2, 3JP7, 3JP12, 5DEP1, and 5UP1.

       Awaiting the arrival of two more of the small DC-DC converters from Ebay. Will produce a third, cleaned up, deflection amplifier board with all the features installed properly. In other words, the finished product. It will include a second smaller DC-DC converter to produce -12 volts from +12 volts. At that point, the entire scan board runs on a single +12 volt power supply. Sweet!

       As for the James Millen Oscilloscope in the last update, the vertical noise problem is in the scope. Not in my amplifier afterall. I suspect a bad capacitor. That's not a surprise.

Thursday - February 11, 2015

       Work on miniature cathode ray tubes continues. I recently obtained a very rare James Millen & Co. model 90901 one inch oscilloscope module. It utilizes the Cossar 1CP1 one inch cathode ray tube. Fired up the 90901 and tested it. It works as well sa the day it was manufactured 55 years ago. [See it here]. What a cool project! See more on the Electronics Projects pages of this site.

Thursday - January 29, 2015

       Awesome news! Labguy's Tek 744A digital oscilloscope is finally repaired and back in action! If you recall, it died the day before the Christmas break began. The plan was to crank out the video monoscope during that two week period. The failure of my oscilloscope was a shot to the head. Not only was it now impossible to complete the project, my normal depression took over and no project has been appealing to me since then.

       Now, we can try to even the keel of the good ship Labguy's World and get back to business. I would like to extend my personal thanks to Johnny and every one else at [Top Dog Test] for their excellent service. Thank you all, and keep up the great work!

       I have reworked the [personal contact and info page] for the site. Removed a lot of dead wood subject matter and cleand up the badly written HTML of that much older page. I hand write these web pages using Windows Notepad. So depending on what era from whence they originate, the coding quality and appearence of any individual pages may vary. The contact page is now reworked to my present level of HTML coding skills. More or less...

Friday - January 2, 2015

       Happy New Year!

       Another year is upon us. There will be more extinct video info and exciting projects to come this year.

       Just got another one inch CRT. A 1CP1 manufactured by Cossar in England in 1969. Functionally similar to the RCA 913.

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