LabGuy's World: Extinct Philips / Norelco Video Equipment
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EL-3400 EL-3400: Philips' first video tape recorder, introduced in 1964. Designed for industrial / educational markets. Priced within reach of a few high end consumers (early videophiles) at nearly $4000(US). Photo of Michael van der Smeede's EL-3400, taken 1999/03.
Philips EL-3400 VTR pencil sketch EL-3400: 1" tape, 355 degree, omega wrap, single head, helical scan. 21 vacuum tubes 350 Watts. 45 Kilos (99 Lb.)! Photo: Scanned from the cover of Michael van der Smeede's EL-3400 operators' manual.
EL-3400 rear view showing chassis and many vacuum tubes EL-3400: Rear view of the 1964 Philips VTR showing the chassis construction style and many vacuum tubes. It must have been an excellent room heater! Photo of Michael van der Smeede's EL-3400, taken 1999/03.
EL-3400: New photo! A much higher quality photo of this VTR provided by: Michael Bennet
EL-4000 VTR system TTS-1: A Norelco transportable TV training system from. Moved easily about on its large casters, it was a miniature marvel of the times. Photo: Educational Television magazine 1970/03.
EL-3402 1 VTR EL-3402: Introduced by Philips in 1968. High quality, solid state, color capable, 1" tape, 360 degree alpha wrap, 100 Watts, weighed 22 Kilograms / 48 Lbs. Photo: Scanned from the cover of Michael van der Smeede's EL-3400 operators' manual.
EL-3402:  The EL-3402 is for CCIR/PAL the European video standard. The EL-3403 is EIA/NTSC U.S. standard. Many 3402's were sold but they are still rare. Photo of Michael van der Smeede's EL-3402, taken 1999/03.
EL-1801 Color adapter for the EL-3402. EL-1801: The color adapter for the EL-3402. It appears to have required many cables to hook it up. It probably resembled a Medusa when connected the the VTR! Photo: Michael van der Smeede.
LDL-1000 home VTR LDL-1000: This Norelco VTR was specifically designed to use 1/2" chromium dioxide tape giving optimum picture quality at the tape saving speed of 7.9 IPS. The LDL-1000 weighed 26 Lbs. Photo: Educational TV magazine Apr. 1970 / Matt Patoray. 
LDL-1200 LDL-1200: All transistor, 1 inch tape, 355 degrees omega wrap, bandwidth > 4.0 Mhz, weight: 55 Kilos / 121 Lb.. dated 1969. The mechanical part is more or less the same as the EL3400. The same video head (EL-1953) is used. Features: slow motion (noisy) and still picture were possible. Photo & info: Michael van der Smeede.
LDL-1200: New photo! A much better look at this beauty! Photo: Michael Bennet
No pix LDL-1250: This machine is alleged to be the color version of the LDL-1200.  Info: Michael van der Smeede.
Chroma Vue 550 Portable Color Camera. Chroma Vue 550: Portable color camera. Approximately 1975. Also sold under the Magnavox name. Note the back pack CCU! Photo: 1975 Advertisement. 


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