LabGuy's World: The Museum of Extinct Video Tape Recorders

        This museum contains almost 200 exhibits covering the early years of small format video tape recorders and related equipment.  All of this equipment is in my personal collection. To date, I have invested almost $50,000 of my own money. I am a very serious collector! I am always seeking those unique pieces of video history. Feel free to contact me if you have or know of any of this equipment. 
        The time span of this museum covers nearly 20 years from the very early 1960s to the early 1980s. This is a period when the rate of evolution of these, now very common, products was at its peak. Browsing these pages should give the visitor a sense of this rapid climb from a high end curiosity to a common place (virtual) necessity. Some of the items displayed that do not fall into the previous category may be listed because I was personally involved in the manufacture or even the design of some of these products. Thanks to the internet, I can share this strange collection with anyone who is curious about this old technology. If you see any errors or have any questions or positive suggestions, feel free to[send me an email]. I always try to answer all questions or to include any relevant information and I always give full credit to contributors.
        On occasion, I can be persuaded to sell an item from the museum. Serious offers ONLY, please. If you have to ask, you can not afford it. I do not rent or lend equipment for actual use, because most items are not functional and/or are too precious to risk shipping. This site is preservation, NOT restoration, oriented. I have on one occasion rented some of my equipment for use as movie props. See: AUTO FOCUS, by Paul Schrader. Starring Greg Kinnear and Willem Defoe.  Again, serious productions ONLY, please. I'm in it for the money and the glory! But, mostly, it's the money. ;-)
        If you are not interested in the dry technical details of a particular VTR format, feel free to skip directly to [Two Inch Format VTR's] to begin the tour of my museum collection.

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