LabGuy's World: Goldmark 2 - Another Field Sequential Color TV Project

       PART ONE: How can we acheive color television with the Tektronix NuColor Shutter CRT? Let's find out!


Color video from a B&W cathode ray tube with no moving parts

Excerpted from article: LCDs in the USA:

       ...Tektronix is developing LCD technologies for use in avionics displays and helmet mounted displays. These high-resolution displays, called NuColor Shutters, use a technology Tektronix dubs pi-cell, which utilizes to fast liquid crystals. Pi-cell works with a 180 Hz monochrome cathode ray tube (CRT) that acts as backlight and also sends sequential red, green, and blue signals to Tektronix's LCD. The monochrom CRT is then modulated to create a wide color palette. The result is spectacular color in a display that can be as small as 1 inch or as large as 19 inches... PC magazine December 21, 1993 - Cristopher Barr.

       The project is now possible. I just purchased a complete Tektronix NuColor video module, tube and supporting circuitry for replacement in Tektronix TDS-740 series digital oscilloscopes of the early 1990s. We are going to repurpose the display and attempt to get a field sequential color TV picture on it. I had recently obtained just the tube and yoke with color shutter. However that is a long way from a usable monitor. Obtaining this complete assembly makes the project potentially realizable. And having a spare tube on hand doesn't hurt either.



Created: June 23, 2014, Last updated: June 23, 2014