LabGuy's Library: List of books and resources for researchers and students

        Browse through the list of books that makes up my personal research library. I hope this list helps you to locate texts for your own research. Many of these books are out of print and very difficult to find. Others may be readily available on the shelf of your nearest book store. I will try to answer direct questions about these texts (if I can) or possibly even direct you to where you can find a copy for yourself. But, sad to say, this is NOT a lending library. Don't even ask. I have found several out of print books on and many others are obtained from Ebay on line auction. Feel free to check those sources as well. If you are very desperate, I can provide you with the actual Library of Congress card file number upon request if that can help.

1. Video Tape Recorders (2nd Edition) Harry Kybett Howard W. Sams The fundamentals of video tape recording are described, and the basic problems and their solutions are outlined. (C)1978
2. Television Tape Fundamentals (Vol. 1) Harold E. Ennes Howard W. Sams Covers all aspects of video tape from A to Z. Describes the 2" quadruplex VTR in absolute detail. (C)1962
3. Tube - The Invention of Television David E. Fisher and Marshal Jon Fisher Harcourt Brace The colorful, definitive story of the inventors of television, the race for patents, and the vicious courtroom battles for markets. (C)1996
4. Distant Vision - Romance and Discovery On An Invisible Frontier Elma G. Farnsworth PemberlyKent Publishers, Inc. Philo T. Farnsworth's all electronic television ranks with Edison's Phonograph and Bell's telephone. His contributions to our culture have forever transformed the way we live. This book tells of a dreamer blessed with the ability to make his dreams come true. (C)1990
5. David Sarnoff - A Biography Eugene Lyons Harper & Row A biography written about the man who made RCA one of the most successful electronics companies in history. (C)1966
6. Principals of Television Engineering Donald G. Fink McGraw-Hill Covers television technology from A to Z. Revised for 525 line TV in 1947.  (C)1940
7. Principals and Practices of Telecasting Operations Harold E. Ennes Howard W. Sams Goes into amazing technical details of vintage teleproduction equipment with dozens of actual schematics of orthicon cameras, control units, sync generators, control boards, etc.! For the engineer. (C)1953
8. Television Production Handbook - Second Edition Herbert Zettl Wadsworth Publishing Company Everything one would need to know in order to work in TV production studio. Covers camera theory and operation, set construction, direction, scripts. An excellent primer for the novice.  (C)1968
9. Please STAND BY - A Prehistory of Television Michael Ritchie The Overlook Press Film director Michael Ritchie presents an eccentric and entertaining account of the very earliest days of television - complete with scorchingly hot lights, green makeup, and seat of your pants programming. (C)1994
10. The Business of Research - RCA and the Videodisc Margaret B. W. Graham Cambridge University Press An absorbing account of how RCA shaped a sophisticated consumer electronics technology in a research and development effort that spanned 15 years. (C)1986
11. Fast Forward - Hollywood, the Japanese, and the VCR Wars James Lardner W. W. Norton & Company This is a marvelous example of the impact of technology on the history of our times. An absorbing story, beautifully handled by a first rate writer. (C)1987
12. Defining Vision - The Battle for the future of Television Joel Brinkley Harcourt Brace How cunning, conceit, and creative genius collided in the race to invent digital, high definition television. (C)1997
13. TELEVISION V. K. Zworykin & G. A. Morton John Wiley & Sons Highly technical discussion of the state of the art for its time by the very men who designed our television system at RCA just before World War II.  (C)1940
14. PHOTOCELLS and their applications V. K. Zworykin E.E., Ph.D. & E. D. Wilson, Ph.D. John Wiley & Sons Another highly technical discussion of  electrical sensing of light in general and what you can do with it. (C)1930
15. THE BOX - An Oral History of Television, 1920 - 1961 Jeff Kisseloff Viking Press This enormous treasury of memories is the ultimate history of the medium that revolutionized the world. (C)1995
16. Time Bases O. S. Puckle John Wiley & Sons The  design and development of scan generator circuits with notes on the Cathode Ray Tube. (C)1946
17. The Story of Television - The Life of Philo T. Farnsworth George Everson Vail-Ballou Press The story of Philo T. Farnsworth's contribution to television as told by his life long friend and business partner. (C)1949
18. ZWORYKIN - Pioneer of Television Albert Abramson University of Illinois Press The process of inventing television, which began over a century ago, became a long running serial drama full of twists and turns that often seemed to reach its climax only to confront us with the message "to be continued"... (C)1995
19. Introducing The Single-Camera VTR system Grayson Mattingly & Welby Smith Charles Scribner's Sons Introduction to "personal" low end video equipment and techniques. (C)1971
20. The Video Primer - Equipment, Production and Concepts - first edition Richard Robinson Links Books The author shows us how to create our own media events using inexpensive cameras and VTRs. (C)1974
21. The Video Primer - Equipment, Production and Concepts - second edition Richard Robinson Links Books Same as the above, with additional material covering advances in the state of the art of the mid 1970s. (C)1978
22. The Television Workshop Howard Tooley Northwestern Press This book explains the process of producing tv programs as it was practiced in the 1950s. Very thorough, covering all aspects of the tv sound stage environment. (C)1953
23. Encyclopedia of Radio and Television Broadcasting (The man behind the microphone) Robert St.  John Cathedral Square Publishing A totally exhaustive study of the business of radio and television as it was in the 1960s. (C)1967
24. Small Format Television Production Ronald J. Compesi & Ronald E. Sheriffs Allyn and Bacon (London) A book set in the "adolescence" of the video age, the 1980s. Covers equipment and techniques of that time period. (C)1985
25. Closed Circuit Television Systems Color and Monochrome  Government Service Department Radio Corporation of America This book discusses the subject of closed circuit television, the characteristics of equipment and the uses to which they can be put (C)1959
26. All About Television John Darby Popular Mechanics Company Covers all aspects of television from the point of view of the layman. Predates NTSC and discusses in detail the CBS color television system. (C)1952
27. Electronic Cinematography ~ Achieving Photographic Control over the Video Image Harry Mathias & Richard Patterson Wadsworth Publishing Co. An exceptional book covering the techniques and methods for achieving the "film look" using modern electronic production equipment. (C)1985
28. Video Cameras: Theory and Servicing Gerald P. McGinty Howard W. Sams Covers all aspects of video camera theory, both B/W and color, as well as troubleshooting and maintenance practices. (C)1984
29. The Video Handbook (3rd Edition) Multiple Contributors United Business Publications, Inc. Multiple articles and advertisements covering management aspects of video production departments. (C)1977
30. Electography Producers Manual Marketing Service Dept. 3M Corporation Television techniques for television tape production. (C)1968
31. Color TV Training Manual (3rd Edition) Editorial Staff Howard W. Sams Technical training manual covering every aspect of the NTSC system. Excellent. (C)1970
32. Handbook Recommended Procedures for Motion Picture and Video Laboratory Services Editorial Staff Association of Cinema and Video Laboratories Reference information about the physical formats of film and video equipment and services. (C)1982
33. Television Production Alan Wurtzel McGraw-Hill This book covers all levels of television production in detail, from closed circuit operations, to small and medium stations, to sophisticated network productions. (C)1983
34. The Art of Digital Video John Watkinson Focal Press A masterly analysis to everything relating to digitally encoding pictures, from conversion of analog signals into digital code, through to recording, editing and processing. (C)2000
35. Television Electronics: Theory and Servicing (8th Edition) Milton S. Kiver & Milton Kaufman Van Nostrand Reinhold Company The purpose of this book is to prepare electronics technicians and engineers for a career in some phase of  the television industry  and every effort has been made to ensure the book's usefulness. (C)1983
36. Tutorial and selected papers in Digital Image Processing Harry C. Andrews IEEE Computer Society Dozens of articles about image processing covering all aspects of the art including image transforms, coding, enhancement, restoration, extraction and understanding, hybrid optical / digital processing. (C)1978
37. Digital Image Processing - A Practical Primer Gregory A. Baxes Cascade Press This book's logical four part structure will help you comprehend the methods, history, concepts and principles of forming and refining pictorial images. (C)1984
38. JPEG Still Image Data Compression Standard William B. Pennebaker & Joan L. Mitchell Van Nostrand Reinhold Company In depth description of the JPEG International Standard for digital compression of continuous tone still images. (C)1993
39. Maintaining & Repairing Video Cassette Recorders Robert L. Goodman Tab Books A to Z maintenance and repair data for home video cassette recorder owners and professional service technicians. (C)1983
40. Television Broadcasting Tape and Disc Recording Systems Harold E. Ennes Howard W. Sams Complete technical coverage of the topic. Slanted towards the broadcast engineer. (C)1973
41. Magnetic Recording Charles E. Lowman McGraw-Hill Here is an authoritative guide to the technology of magnetic recorders used in such fields as audio recording, broadcast and closed circuit TV, instrumentation recording and computer data systems. (C)1972
42. Video Tape Production & Communication Techniques Joel Lawrence Efrein Tab Books Describes equipment methods and practices of the small video studio as the art existed in the early 1970s. Lots of photos of vintage equipment. (C)1971
43. Modern Recording Techniques - Second Edition Robert E. Runstein & David Miles Huber Howard W. Sams Covers digital recording and processing, Equipment controls and problems, new digital effects, video and audio multitrack recording and concepts of sound and studio capabilities and their limitations. (C)1988
44. The Electric Journalist - An Introduction to Video Chuck Anderson Praeger Publishers This book is about television as an art form and as a means of communication. It is about the effect that television has on your life and about making your television (programming). (C)1973
45. TV Camera Operation Gerrald Millerson Focal Press / Hastings House A practical guide to the skills and jobs in television and film making, sound production and photography. (C)1973
46. The Technique of the television Cameraman Peter Jones Focal Press Introduces studio equipment and the TV camera. It deals with composition and movement, the essentials of good camera technique including lighting and special problems of remote broadcasts. (C)1974
47. Color TV Studio Design & Operation: for CATV, School and Industry Oliver Berliner Tab Books Explores in detail everything management and the chief engineer must know in connection with the creation and technical operation of a television show production facility. (C)1975
48. Closed Circuit Television Handbook Leon A. Wortman Howard W. Sams Covers construction and operation of closed circuit television systems. For an early book, it covers VTR's extensively. (C)1969
49. Small-Studio Video Tape Production John Quick & Herbert Wolff Addison-Wesley You'll pick up valuable advice on purchasing equipment and using what you already have to best advantage. You'll be lead through video standards, And the video taping process from program planning to post production. (C)1976
50. The Small TV Studio Birmingham, Talbot-Smith, Symons & Angold-Stephens Focal Press Four experts in the TV field tell you how to set and operate the small TV studio. (C)1975
51. Basic TV Staging Gerald Millerson Focal Press A compact yet comprehensive summary of TV staging mechanics and methods. (C)1974
52. Video User's Handbook (2nd Edition) Peter Utz Prentic-Hall, Inc. Whether you want to join the video revolution or are interested in the complete technical operation of a TV studio, this completely updated handbook can help lay persons or professionals get the most out of the medium of television. (C)1982
53. The Complete Guide to Video Martin Clifford Howard W. Sams A comprehensive coverage of the video equipment, accessories, and services available for use with your TV receiver. (C)1983
54. The Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video ~ Second Edition Revised Tom Schroeppel Tom Schroeppel Schroeppel's 14 years of experience in editing, directing, and camera work are evident in lucid explanations of function and technique, accompanied by simple but effective graphics that demonstrate classic visual literacy. (C)1982
55. How To Make Movies With Your Home Video Camera Stewart Dollin Templar Books The first complete instructional guide to using a video camera or camcorder - now anyone can make quality home movies! (C)1986
56. Audio Craft - An Introduction to the Tools and Techniques of Audio Production Staff editors National Federation of Community Broadcasters A practical and results oriented guide to the tools and techniques of audio production. It works from the basic concepts of sound to production of full scale documentaries and concert recordings. (C)1982
57. Transistors in Radio and Television Milton S. Kiver McGraw-Hill Discusses the extent to which transistors have penetrated the market in only six years of existence. Excellent coverage of how they work and their application to the art of radio and television.  (C)1956
58. Color TV Troubleshooting Pict-O-Guide John R. Meagher RCA Institutes, Inc. This brand new, completely updated RCA Color TV Troubleshooting Pict-O-Guide is designed as a quick and easy aid for TV technicians interested in repairing and adjusting color TV receivers. (C)1964
59. Amateur Tests and Measurements Louis M. Dezettel, W5REZ Editors and Engineers, LTD This book has been written to encourage the amateur to use his test equipment to full advantage. Test setups, procedures, and results obtainable are described and illustrated in detail. (C)1969
60. Television Camera Operation Rich Kenney & Kevin Groome Tellem Publications - provides a close-up view of the tv camera operator's profession in a manner that is both comprehensive and concise. Topics covered include: Tech background and set-up procedures, descriptions of common support equipment, explanations of all common show formats, practical advice on control room politics, professional relationships and career opportunities.  (C)1987
61. Digital Video Volume I Editorial Committee of the SMPTE SMPTE Developments in the past two or three years in the field of digital video have exceeded nearly everyone's forecasts. This success comes not only because digital equipment can perform the ordinary analog TV functions but because digital techniques have opened up a whole new world of video processes. (C)1977
62. Digital Video Volume II Editorial Committee of the SMPTE SMPTE Developments in the field of digital video since our last publication have continued to exceed Nearly everyone's forecasts. It's no longer a question of when the broadcasters will use digital video, but rather what will be the next new digital video device that they will use. (C)1979
63. Digital Video Volume III Editorial Committee of the SMPTE SMPTE These papers were given during the society's 14th Television Conference in Toronto on Feb. 1 & 2, 1980. In keeping with the tendency to give a collective name to a time span, the Conference was dedicated to the Digital Decade. (C)1980
64. Lenk's Video Handbook John D. Link McGraw-Hill The all in one troubleshooter's guide to today's consumer video equipment. Covers: function of devices, operating procedures, circuit theory, test and adjustment and troubleshooting using simplified, easy to understand diagrams. (C)1991 
65. Handbook of Video Camera Servicing and Troubleshooting Techniques Frank Heverly Prentic-Hall, Inc. Packed with over 400 charts, diagrams, illustrations and photographs, this book provides all of the operational data and step by step techniques needed to troubleshoot and service today's wide range of single tube color video cameras. (C)1986
66. Electronics in the West - The First Fifty years Jane Morgan National Press Books This book leads us through the personal stories of young and courageous pioneers. Their fascinating lives and explorations are filled with adventure and challenge as they helped develop radio, television, the klystron, radar and computers. (C)1967
67. The Techniques of Television Production - Ninth Addition Gerald Millerson Focal Press Extremely detailed treatment of the subject of TV production. Every aspect of the studio operation is examined and explained at a level suitable for the intermediate to advanced TV production student. (C)1972
68. Questions and Answers in Television Engineering - First Edition Carter V. Rabinoff and Magdalena E. Wolbrecht McGraw-Hill This has been written as a "semi-textbook" to coordinate the technical facts in this rapidly expanding field. The book is designed to provide concise study and reference material in all phases of television for radio engineers, television technicians, radio amateurs, radio-TV servicemen and students. (C)1950
69. Electronic Displays E. G. Bylander, Opto-Electronics Dept. Texas Instruments, Inc. McGraw-Hill Book Company Digital electronics has become pervasive as a result of its extremely low cost. Displays for digital systems allow direct indication and reading of numbers, letters and symbols. They can present more data in less space than the obsolescent analog meters. This book about the application of digital displays is for the practicing engineer. (C)1979
70. Flat-Panel Displays and CRTs Edited by Lawrence E. Tannas, Jr. Van Nostrand Reinhold Company This book provides comprehensive, up to date coverage of flat-panel display technologies and their emerging relationship with cathode ray tubes. This is the first book of its kind to systematically discuss the nature of electronic displays. (C)1985
71. Video Basics Herbert Zettl Wadsworth Publishing Company Whether your goal is broadcast television, corporate programs, or interactive video, get your start with Video Basics. It clearly explains the concepts, tools, and techniques that are essential to every successful production. (C)1995
72. Television Radio Electronics U. A. Sanabria American Television, Inc. Softbound textbook for a home study course. (C)1947
73. The Television Program - Its Direction and Production - Fifth Addition Edward Stasheff, Rudy Bretz, John Gartley & Lynn Gartley Hill and Wang Full coverage of the TV production process with some references to early video recorders. Lightly covers Ampex quads and IVC 1 inch VTRs. (C)1976
74. Television - 2nd Edition V. K. Zworykin & G. A. Morton John Wiley & Sons Highly technical discussion of the state of the art for its time by the very men who designed our television system at RCA just before World War II.  Updated version of this classic includes discussion on color television and the evolution of the NTSC system. (C)1954
75. Modern Television Systems Theory and Servicing Mathew Mandl Prentic-Hall, Inc. This book is the most up to date and essential working tool for any professional involved in TV servicing. It covers every aspect of modern television receivers - both B/W and color - and provides the most profusely illustrated explanations available anywhere in the existing literature. (C)1974
76. AMTEC -Time Element Compensator Editorial Staff Ampex Corp. Instruction manual for the earliest of time base correcting devices. Amtec made it possible to synchronize quapdruplex VTRs and allow them to be intermixed with live and other taped program content. (C)August 1961
77. Collector's Guide to Vintage Televisions - Identification and Values Bryan Durbal & Glenn Bubenheimer Collectors Books, a division of Schroeder Publishing, Company A guide for the serious collector who is looking to identify and evaluate vintage television sets. (C)1999
78. The Age of Videography Edited by Brian McKernan Miller Freeman A definitive look at the evolving world of professional video and teleproduction. (C)1996
79. Electronic Engineering Principals - Fifth Printing John D. Ryder, Ph.D. Prentic-Hall, Inc. An excellent text covering the state of the art in the late 1940s. (C)1947
80. The Cathode Ray Tube At Work John F. Rider John F. Rider Publisher, Inc. Absolutely thorough discussion of the functions and uses of the cathode ray tube. Deals exclusively with oscillography. Perfectly valid, even when compared with modern technology. (1943)
81. Vacuum Tubes Karl R. Spangenberg McGraw-Hill Book Company Covers vacuum tube theory in minute detail. Explains how tubes work and how they applied in practical application.  (C)1948
82. Sylvania Technical Manual 16th Printing Sylvania Marketing Sylvania This is a data book covering vacuum tube spec's including receiving tubes, picture tubes and a small number of solid state components. (C)1979
83. Television Simplified Milton S. Kiver Reprinted for the United States Armed Forces Institute
By D. Van Norstrand Company, Inc.
Covers just about every aspect of television and video state of the art up to that time in history. (C)1950
84. Development and Performance of Television Camera Tubes ~ Publication No. ST-490 R. B. Janes, R. E. Johnson and R. S. Moore Tube Department Radio Corporation of America Covers the development of three new camera tubes in particular. The 2P23, 5655 and 5769 image orthicon tubes. Physics and design philosophy covered in intimate detail. (C) June 1949
85. Closed-Circuit TV Installation, Maintenance & Repair. Robert E. Armstrong Tab Books Covers a broad range of topics essential for the installer and service technician concerning CCTV systems. (C)1978
86. The Complete Handbook of Slow Scan TV Dave Ingram K4TWJ Tab Books Covering all aspects of Amateur Radio Slow Scan Television (SSTV). Theory, operation and construction of home brew equipment, it's all covered in this one book. (C)1977
87. Toward Wisdom Copthorne MacDonald Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc. Finding our way to inner love, peace and happiness. I include this book here, because its author invented SSTV in the early 1960s and with the help of several of his ham radio friends, petitioned the FCC to make SSTV a valid communications form. (C)1996
88. Questions & Answers about Tape Recording Herman Burstein Tab Books This book is devoted to covering all aspects of audio tape recording. Covering theory and practice in great detail plus tons of anecdotal suggestions and practices. (C)1974
89. The Complete Guide to Home Video Leonard Malton and Allen Greenfield Harmony Books/New York Half tech and half entertainment. The first half covers the history and markets of home video and gives a brief tech overview of the equipment and accessories. (C)1981
90. Magnetic Recording The First 100 Years Eric D. Daniel, C. Denis Mee and Mark H. Clark IEEE Press An awesome book that covers the history of all forms of magnetic recording in incredible detail with numerous illustrations and diagrams as well as historic photos of the inventors and equipment. (C)1999
91. Electronic Motion Pictures Albert Abramson Ayer Company Publishers, Inc.
North Stratford, NH 03590
A veteran CBS television engineer, Albert Abramson has written an invaluable, comprehensive and readable
technical history of electronic television including information on the equipment and techniques employed in the field. Electronic Motion Pictures is an especially significant work because of the author's unrivalled emphasis upon the development of the TV camera. Additional topics include: an analysis of the relationship between early television and film technologies; television advances in the 40s; and the postwar introduction of commercial television including both black and white and color systems. Also heavily emphasized are the televising of motion pictures and the changes in the TV camera itself. Well documented and clearly written, Electronic Motion Pictures constitutes an indispensable reference to the subject. (C)1955 Currently in print as of 2000
92. The Magic of Electronics Completely Illustrated Edward J. Buckstein Frederick Ungar Publishing Company A fascinating bird's eye view of this ever growing field, clearly written, completely illustrated, intended for both the interested layman and for those technologists not equally at home with electronics. (C) 1954
93. How to use Video Tape Recorders Harry Kybett Howard W. Sams An excellent reference on small format VTRs from the early 70s. (C)1974
94. The Low Budget Video Bible ~ Revised second edition Cliff Roth Desk Top Video Systems The essential do it your self guide to creating high quality video on a shoe string budget! (C)1995
95. Closed-Circuit Television Handbook ~ Third Editon Leon Wortman Howard W. Sams An updated volume of the book that covers construction and operation of closed circuit television systems.  (C)1974
96. The Complete Handbook of Videocassette Recorders Harry Kybett Tab Books An introduction to the video cassette at atime when reel to reel was still king. (C)1977
97. Television Broadcasting Camera Chains Harold E. Ennes Howard W. Sams Glorious technical coverage of the topic. This is a must have for the historian of broadcast cameras. (C)1971
98. Videocassette Recorder Operation and Servicing John D. Lenk Prentic-Hall, Inc. Provides simple and practical information pertaining to the application of VCRs. (C)1983
99. 52. Video User's Handbook (1st Edition) Peter Utz Prentic-Hall, Inc. Whether you want to join the video revolution or are interested in the complete technical operation of a TV studio, this completely updated handbook can help lay persons or professionals get the most out of the medium of television. (C)1980
100. Complete Handbook of Videocassette Recorders ~ 3rd Edition Harry Kybett & Delton T. Horn Tab Books This book covers VCR technology as it stood in the mid 80s. (C)1986
101. Troubleshooting Microprocesors and Digital Logic Robert L. Goodman Tab Books Though not a video related text, this book is a must for anyone troubleshooting the computer control portion of a video recorder or camera. (C)1980
102. Basic Television and Video Systems ~ fourth edition Bernard Grob McGraw-Hill Book Company Text book on the topic. (C)1975
103. The Sony Story Nick Lyons Crown Publishers, New York Tells the story of Japanese industry and Sony in particular. (C)1976
104. The Techniques of Television Production Gerrald Millerson Hastings House / Focal Press Complete basic library in television and motion picture techniques. (C)1961
105. The Last Lone Inventer Evan I. Schwartz Harper Collins Publishers A tale of genius, deceit & the birth of television. Another Philo Farnsworth biography. (C)2002
106. The Boy Who Invented Television  Paul Schatzkin TeamCom A must read for anyone who watches television. Another Philo Farnsworth biography. (C)2002
107. Philo T. Farnsworth
The Father of Television
Donald G. Godfrey Universty of Utah Press Another Philo Farnsworth biography. (C)2002
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