LabGuy's World: Most Frequently Asked Question #10
Q. Where can I find replacement rubber belts, drive wheels and pinch rollers for my decrepit VTR?
This page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and will most likely be for some time to come. This page will be dealing with one of the most vexing problems of this hobby; replacement parts. Eventually, a rubber parts cross reference list will be created and displayed here. I can not guarantee your satisfaction, but will give it the old Harvard try. As of early May, 20006, I have begun a thread at the [Yahoo Groups OLD VTRs Discussion Forum] on this subject. Be sure to check there, and to contribute to this effort. If you have actually found a generic replacement belt, wheel or pinch roller for a particular vintage VTR , please share that info with me and I will get it posted here. [EMAIL ME HERE]

A. There are very few rubber part manufacturers that have exact replacement parts for any particular video tape recorder of the vintage covered on this site. VHS VCRS are the exception. The parts for those are readily available and will not be covered here.


[RUSSELL INDUSTRIES] [BELTS] [IDLER ASSEMBLIES] Generic tape recorder parts? Lots of VHS parts which may be forced into cross over uses?

[TERRY'S RUBBER ROLLERS AND WHEELS] Custom made/rebuilt pinch rollers and idlers.

       [VINTAGE ELECTRONICS]  Bob repairs Vintage Stereo Equipment, equipment sales + a wide range

of parts, belts and lamps.    He is another first class guy that will take care of you with no problems.

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Created May 06, 2006. Last updated: May 06, 2006